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Wrongful Death Checklist


1.    Case name, number and attorney position (P/D).

2.    Attorney name.

3.    Please provide a copy of the complaint.

4.    Anticipated trial date.


Plaintiff Background

1.    Date of birth.

2.    Date of death.

3.    Gender and race (white, African-American, other).

4.    Level of education attained (grade school, high school, college, graduate degree).

5.    Family status (S/M). Provide birthdates of children at home, if any.


Employment Background

1.    Name of employer at time of death.

2.    Position held.

3.    Date of original employment.

4.    What was the rate of income earned just prior to death.

5.    List calendar year income from all employers for 3 years prior to death. Submit tax returns with W-2 forms, if available.

6.    Did employer provide employee benefits, such as vacation, insurance pension plan, etc? Please describe. What were the required employee contributions, if any, for these benefits.

7.    Please provide any documentation of benefits available from employment including employee booklets, benefit statements, summary plan description, etc.

8.    If death of a minor, please provide educational background and earnings information of both parents.

9.    If married with working spouse, please provide educational background and earning information for surviving spouse.