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Sheldon Wishnick is an economic expert in CT 800.344.6014

Contract for Services

This agreement is entered into between Sheldon Wishnick (consultant) of Actuarial Litigation Service (ALS) and
Attorney ________________________ of  ____________________________________

in the matter of       ___________________________________.

Services to be Performed
Consultant agrees to perform consulting and/or expert witness services as requested by attorney. In connection with such services, consultant agrees to perform such investigation, document review and research so as to be able to advise attorney of consultant’s findings. If requested, consultant will prepare a written report to be sent to attorney. Consultant also agrees to assist for trial, mediation or arbitration and to testify as an expert witness in those areas in which he is qualified.

The full scope of Consultant’s work will be determined as the matter proceeds and will be subject to the needs and requests of attorney.

Consultant agrees to retain all non-public information obtained from the attorney as confidential and agrees not to release or discuss any of such information or reports derived from such information unless consultant has obtained the prior consent of the attorney or is otherwise compelled to disclose this information by operation of law or other government authority.

Fees are billed to the attorney by the quarter hour using an hourly rate of $450. This rate applies to all services including work performed at ALS, deposition and trial testimony, waiting and travel time. This rate is guaranteed for 12 months from contract signing. Subsequent work will be performed at the then prevailing rate. Out of state travel time and expenses are described in the out of state travel policy.

Depositions, mediations, arbitrations and court testimony in Connecticut have a 4-hour minimum fee, payable in advance. For New York City and Boston, Massachusetts, single day testimony has a flat 10-hour consulting fee for preparation, travel, waiting time, expenses and testimony. This fee, as well as any outstanding consulting fees incurred to date, must be paid before testimony can be scheduled.

Each case requires a non-refundable retainer of $2,000 for up to four hours of consulting time, including a set-up fee of $200. The initial telephone consultation is complimentary. The payment of all fees and expenses is the responsibility of the attorney, notwithstanding Attorney’s relationship with third parties, contingency arrangements, subrogation, etc. As a convenience, Consultant may agree to prepare a separate billing for an attorney taking Consultant’s discovery deposition, but the responsibility for payment remains that of the attorney.

All invoices are payable upon receipt and checks should be drawn to Sheldon Wishnick, FSA. Invoices remaining unpaid more than 30 days shall incur a $20 monthly late fee, 1% monthly interest charge plus all attorney fees and collection costs incurred.

This agreement may be terminated by either party upon 15 days notice for any reason upon written notice. Upon termination, Attorney shall within 30 days pay all outstanding fees and expenses already incurred.

Governing Law
The laws of Connecticut, or other relevant jurisdiction as selected by the consultant, shall govern all actions arising out of the performance of this agreement.

This agreement is executed in acknowledgement and agreement with the above terms and conditions.

        ______________________________    __________
            Attorney                    Date